Volunteer Tasks


Tasks that CCVR Volunteers undertake vary over the seasons, typically they include

A traditional method of stimulating new growth by periodically cutting a tree or shrub to ground level.
A pruning system in which the upper branches are removed, promoting a dense head of new branches and foliage, good for wildlife.
Crown Raising
The removal of lower branches to raise the height and prevent lower limbs from growing to a large diameter.

Other tasks include the maintenance, repair and construction of bridges, boardwalks, steps, fences, gates, fishing platforms, signposts and benches.

Volunteers can also be involved with removal of Ragwort and Bracken (ferns), clearing ditches and streams, lakes and ponds. Some cutting back of vegetation next to pathways, brush cutting, wood chipping, burning, litter picking, checking fishing permits and weekend patrols.

Leading and marshalling Health walks and helping in the Big Garden are other duties in which the Volunteers are involved.

If the outdoors is not your 1st choice, duties can take place inside the Visitor Centre, operating the till in the shop, serving tea and coffee, answering queries etc.

You will be supported and trained to work safely, will never be on your own, and only do what you are comfortable with and at a level or speed you are happy with.